Brand Spotlight: California Baby


Jared and I gave Colton his very first bath today 🛁 I was a little bit nervous considering Cole has been a little bit fussy this week (he’s 5 weeks and supposedly experiencing a mental leap), but we crossed our fingers and decided to give it a go anyway!


We made sure the water was warm, but not too warm, we had the fluffy towel ready to wrap him in, we stacked washcloths galore, and most importantly we selected the best baby products for his delicate skin. California Baby makes natural products for babies, kids, and the whole family in their USA facility. Their products are known for being free of harsh chemicals and common allergens like gluten, soy, dairy, and nuts (except coconut).


We knew that we would only want the best for our baby, and we love knowing that we can trust the whole line of California Baby products. We love the Calming Shampoo & Bodywash, Calendula Everyday Lotion, and Calendula Cream. The shampoo & bodywash lathers nicely and has a light herbal scent. The lotion is light, but hydrating with a very mild scent of lavender and clary sage. The cream is rich but not at all greasy and also features the light scent of lavender and clary sage.


Colton was calm and happy to be in the water for his very first bath 🙂 I like to think that his first bath experience went so well because of the relaxing scents and comforting formulas. Maybe the fact that he was born in the water helped too! Since we’re a water-loving family, we really hope he loves the ocean when we introduce him in the future ❤️

*DISCLAIMER* This post was not paid for or sponsored. We purchased the products and truly do love them!

2 thoughts on “Brand Spotlight: California Baby

  1. Way cool little mom love you Gramps


    1. Thank you Gramps! Love you 💗


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