Swimming Lessons at Watersafe Swim School

Cole had his very first swim lessons today!


There were some tears…


And some beautiful moments of peace and relaxation!


Cole really loved being in the water, but didn’t love the feeling of the air on his skin after getting wet (= COLD❄️). It was his first time around other kids in a pool and he was the tiniest nugget in the water. I’m actually really proud of how well he did overall!

Watersafe Swim School in Los Alamitos offers free swim lessons once a week to babies under 4 months of age. Babies are allowed to start swimming once their umbilical stump has completely fallen off and healed. You get to select either the “mommy and me” class or the private class where an instructor works one-on-one with your child without you in the water.

We chose the mommy and me option because we thought it would be a good opportunity for Cole and I to continue bonding and building trust. I have always loved being in the water – I was a competitive swimmer as a small child and I fell in love with surfing as a teen. Not to mention Cole was born in the water 🌊

I’m thrilled to be able to do this with him every week. I hope that he learns a lot from this class, but mostly I hope he has fun. I’m hoping to get Jared in a class with him some weekend (there were so many daddies in the water with their babies – it was beyond adorable!). We are also considering signing him up for classes when he is older (classes are $80/month).  For now…I’m just glad our little fish didn’t hate the water 😜 ☮️


1 thought on “Swimming Lessons at Watersafe Swim School

  1. Very cool I’m glad you guys had fun and that Colton may have learned something. You are such a modern creative mother. Please continue to let us know of your adventures with Colton. Love you sweetheart Gramps


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