October Recap


Christmas is less than 50 days away 😳

October flew by a little too quickly, so here is a little recap of what I have been up to…

I took Cole to the same pumpkin patch THREE times 😅 Who knew that a new past-time of mine would be driving to meet up with mama friends just to photograph our children? LOL

Cole also had three costumes for his 1st Halloween (sensing a lot of threes…) 🎃

The costumes were entries into contests for Solly Baby wrap, Wild Bird ring sling, and Nena & Co.  I dressed as a vampire and wore Cole as my baby bat for the #sollyween contest. I dressed as one of the mama emojis (🤱🏼) for the Wild Bird and Nena & Co. contests. We didn’t win any of the contests but we didn’t mind because it was just so FUN to dress up with Cole ❤️

J and I dressed as lifeguards and dressed Cole as a baby shark for passing out candy in our neighborhood. Considering Halloween is my least favorite holiday (chalk it up to having a salty tooth instead of a sweet tooth and my love for Christmas 🎄) we sure did enjoy dressing up and all the pumpkin fun!

I’m hoping to get a little better at time management – so I’m aiming to post two blog posts a week 🤞🏼 Sorry for the delay, but keep your eyes peeled for posts about what I scored from XO Mandy Sue, my must-haves for quick ‘mom’ makeup, and all my breastfeeding favorites 🙂

Mahalo! ☮️

1 thought on “October Recap

  1. Love the Halloween pictures looks like y’all had a great time. Can’t wait till Cole is a little bigger and can enjoy the fun, I had so many cuties come for candy. Y’all will have so much fun I know. Thanks for keep us informed as to you adventures in parenthood. Love y’all Gramps!!!


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