My Breastfeeding Must-Haves


Pour yourself some wine (or tea!) and cozy up, this is going to be looong post 😅 One of the things that I do multiple times a day is feed a tiny human…from my body (*hold for applause*).

I’m a firm believer that “fed is best” but I’m also super proud to be breastfeeding Cole. It’s not easy, and often very draining, but I love the special quality time we get together. Here’s a round-up of some of my favorites that have saved me during this new chapter.

The MoonWomb™ has been my saving grace as a 1st time mama. Getting into a comfortable position can be tough for mama and baby, but this lap pillow makes it so easy! I love that everything about this pillow is natural and eco-friendly (it’s even biodegradable!), not to mention it can be used during pregnancy for sleep support, and it looks beautiful as an accent pillow (I HATE ugly baby things). The wonderful team at The Sustainable Baby Co.® has even given me a discount code to share with my followers: Moon10 will save you 10% off your entire order.

I absolutely hate maternity clothes (more on that later…), nursing bras included. Thank GOODNESS for Mai Underwear ❤️ Since basically every nursing bra is hideous, I’ve resorted to wearing bralettes. I look for bras that are stretchy, supportive, comfy, and sexy! Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you have to look frumpy. Mai uses buttery soft and stretchy material that come in gorgeous prints and colors (leopard and mint green 💗💗💗). I won a giveaway they did on Instagram and was blessed to get the Mai Classic Top Deluxe in dahlia and matching Mai Classic Bottom Deluxe in dahlia. I also got the Mai Everyday Top Essential in black. I LOVE everything so so much and cannot wait to order more from them. Something about matching bras and panties makes me feel like I have my life together, which is nice when you’re too busy to do your hair and makeup everyday 😂

These next two products might seem strange to include in a post about breastfeeding, but hear me out. First up is the Haaka– a silicone hand pump that uses a gentle suction to catch milk when Cole is nursing on the opposite side. Instead of letting that milk go to waste in a disposable breast-pad, I can catch it and save it in a freezer stash. I may not need to build a huge freezer stash since I won’t be returning to work in the foreseeable future, but I’d like to have something saved in case of an emergency…or so my hubby can hang with Cole while I get my nails done or go to a spin class #mamatime

I also wanted to include the MimiJumi bottle we love. Nipple confusion was something we really wanted to avoid, which is why we LOVE the life-like nipple MimiJumi uses. Cole took it right away and has never had any issues using it. My husband had NEVER fed a baby from a bottle and he has found it super easy to use. It truly is the BREAST bottle (see what I did there) 😉

The gorgeous boobs blanket featured in the photos is by The Little Milk Bar. We love the blanket and matching burp cloths, and I also have one of their adorable Milk Maker t-shirts. I love tying two ends of the blanket together and wearing it over us like a cover when I nurse in front of family members or at church. I say, “So you have all of these boobs to look at instead my one boob.” LOL. They make great gifts for new mamas and get a laugh 99% of the time 🙃

Bestseller Bundle Bestseller Bundle Bestseller Bundle Bestseller Bundle Bestseller Bundle ORGANIC LACTATION BLEND

While I’m on the topic of breastfeeding, I thought I’d also include some of my favorite supply “hacks”. I ordered the Organic Lactation Blend Bestseller Bundle from Legendairy Milk and have been loving the supplements! Each supplement is designed to help with increased supply and/or quality of breastmilk. I’m most excited to try Pump Princess because it is supposed to dramatically increase supply. Legendairy Milk was kind enough to share this code for 15% off anything on their website: MILKBOOB

I also wanted to mention that I seem to drink more water when I have a water bottle nearby (great for keeping supply up). I’ve been using my BKR but have also heard great things about Hydro Flasks. I also love Ivy Carnegie’s lactation brownies for helping with supply 🐄

My best advice for any new mamas – if something hurts or doesn’t feel right, seek help from a professional lactation consultant. Remember to nourish yourself. And do your best to stay off your phone and soak up these precious moments.

Mahalo! ☮️

*PS: Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming contests*

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