Holiday Catch-Up

I haven’t been great about blogging as often as I’d like to…but I also think I make a bigger ordeal than necessary about making time to sit down to write and having the “perfect” photos to share. I want my content to be well thought out and stimulating…but I also want it to be authentically ME. SO I’m done trying to be perfect and pretty and shiny all the time. I’m going to work harder at posting what I can when I can, so that I can be posting more frequently.

Admittedly, starting this blog was a scary thing for me. I thought that no one would care about what I think/have to say. I also thought that it might make me a little self-involved to think people would care about me and my tiny existence. But this blog has been a really cool thing for me! I get to share about some of those most basic and mundane parts of my life that are new and interesting to me, and it turns out that a lot of people around me are also interested 🤗

The holidays F-L-E-W by and they left me feeling almost dizzy from the energy and new memories we made. We hosted family and a friend for Thanksgiving. For some (UNKNOWN) reason I volunteered to make everything from scratch…but it ended up not being a disaster. It was actually a great time and maybe it was just me, but I thought everything tasted amazing 😂 LOL


We celebrated Christmas with family in Bellingham, Washington. The weather was so beautiful and unlike California ❄️ We ate way too many treats, learned to shuck the most delicious oysters at Taylor Shellfish Farms, and had a really hard time saying goodbye to Colton’s grandma 💔

I’m in disbelief that Cole is 4 months old! He can flip from back to tummy and he’s learning to flip the other way too. He laughs when I tickle him. He closes his eyes before going underwater. He amazes me and I love him with my whole heart 🙂


I don’t really believe in resolutions anymore (sorry to disappoint). 2019 will be a busy year for our family, but I’m really excited to keep growing as a wife, mother, and woman! I plan on getting outside (even if it’s just for a walk), eating lots of leafy greens (and cheese because balance), drinking water (and wine because LIFE), and basically just doing what I’ve been doing because I’m pretty darn happy 💓💓💓


3 thoughts on “Holiday Catch-Up

  1. Sounds good to me sweetie just keep on doing your thing. Love you XO Gramps


  2. Karly is a loving and committed mommy. I am so grateful that she is Colton’s mom and Jared’s wife. Keep up the good work and realistic perspective on life.


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