Bubbles & Babes

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I know what you might be thinking…why is a trip to Lush noteworthy (or should I say blogworthy)?

Well it’s because I recently got to visit my local Lush at Pacific City in Huntington Beach with some of my friends from the Lakewood MOMS Club. The MOMS Club is an international support group for *you guessed it* moms ❤️

I found out about the MOMS Club from my cousin when I was pregnant with Cole. I joined a couple of months after he was born and we’ve been loving it ever since! The club consists of moms of all ages, with children of all ages, living in my local area. The club sets up play dates and mom activities, and you can be as involved (or uninvolved) as you like! There are annual dues to be in the club, but they go towards club activities and charitable causes.

I love being in the club because I’ve made so many new friends that can relate to what I’m going through as a first time stay-at-home mom (SAHM). The level of support is unparalleled and I feel incredibly blessed to have these women to lean on (it truly “takes a village”). Since I love the club so much, I’ve been making an effort to set up a “sip and stroll” once a month for any moms that may want to get out of the house with their little ones for a couple of hours.

I coordinated January’s sip and stroll to be at Pacific City after a few moms had mentioned that they had never been to a Lush before. Lush is an interactive store that sells self-care products like bath bombs, bubble bars, lotion, perfume, and face masks (just to name a few!). The store managers were sweet enough to put together sample bags for each mom that attended. They also did a bath bomb demonstration and a bubble bar demonstration for the kids (they LOVED it!).

It was such an awesome way for us to spend a week-day morning. It was even sweeter knowing the mamas would get some treats to pamper themselves with after taking care of their little people. Huge thank you to Selina, Tiffany, and the Lush crew for spoiling us❤️

I love being in my local MOMS Club chapter and I can’t wait to share more of our adventures!



1 thought on “Bubbles & Babes

  1. Way to go sweetie! Keep doing your thing. Love you much. Gramps xoxoxo


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