Diaper Duty

If you aren’t a) pregnant b) expecting a baby c) don’t already have a baby d) have interest in diapers, this post may not be for you 🍼


We have been tirelessly trying out diapers, wipes, and diaper rash creams for the past five months. This article was extremely helpful when we were researching which diapers we would use. We thought about trying cloth diapers; there really are so many great benefits to using them! But when I was pregnant, someone told me that if we decided to use clothe diapers then I would have to do laundry every day and that would mean time not focused on my newborn…and that was basically all it took for me to decide against them. I am still curious about these hybrid diapers (maybe we’ll try with baby #2).

We tried using these amazing biodegradable diapers, but we ordered a size too small so we experienced some leaking. The reviews on Amazon are glowing and I can agree! You can even set-up a subscription through Amazon or their website so the diapers come straight to your door. They’re very affordable, considering they’re natural and biodegradable.

When we’ve been in a pinch, we’ve used these diapers because they’re available at most large chain stores like Target. They seem to be semi-natural (no chlorine bleach used on the cotton) and the price point is fair. Their wipes are okay too. The only thing I’ll say is that we experienced the most diaper rashes while using their diapers and wipes.

We like these wipes when we’re in a pinch (also available at most chain stores like Target). They work well and are incredibly natural. But they are kind of pricey (one package isn’t…but wipes and diapers and diaper cream add up real fast).


Through all of this trial and error we found Abby & Finn. I love that they offer a free trial, you just pay $4.95 for shipping! The trial includes 8 diapers and a travel pack of 20 wipes. Their diapers are made from sustainable wood pulp free of chlorine, lotions, fragrances, heavy metals, and dyes. These diaper absorb SO much (they work great for sleeping through the night!) and they feature an awesome elastic waistband that seriously helps cut-down on “up the back” blowouts.


Their wipes are our favorite too! Their wipes are fragrance free- but somehow smell amazing, like better than any wipe I’ve ever used before (including makeup removing wipes). These diapers and wipes have been such a savior for Cole’s sensitive skin and he’s even stopped getting rashes *happy dance*. We pay $55 every 5 weeks for diapers+wipes and we can pause/edit/cancel our subscription ANY TIME! But the best part is that everything comes straight to our door so I don’t have to run to the store to buy them 😆

We’re still on the hunt for a great natural diaper rash cream and powder. Diaper powder is a super controversial topic. While I would never ever put any Johnson&Johnson products on our baby, I do want to keep him clean and dry. We are currently using a sprinkle of cornstarch during diaper changes and are very happy with the results. If you know of a natural diaper rash cream that actually works, please tell me about it in the comments 🙂



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