Baby’s 1st Easter Basket

What do you put in an Easter basket for a baby who’s less than a year old? If I’m being totally honest, I really wasn’t planning on putting a basket together for Cole. The more I thought about it, the more nostalgic I became when I thought about how much I loved getting Easter baskets when I was little.


I always got a bathing suit and a beach towel in my baskets so that I could use them the following summer. I LOVED this tradition…and I started to feel excited about planning one for Cole. I quickly realized that I could put things Cole needs in his basket since he won’t really be that into “opening” it this year anyway.


I shopped for his items at Target, the Dollar Tree, Daiso, and Tuesday Morning. I made sure to buy a basket we could use for storage, or one we could reuse every year. We’re skipping nasty cellophane but I added in some brown crinkle paper “grass” to fill empty space. I found these adorable Eco Eggs made out of renewable resources at Whole Foods (we can use them again and again every year!). I think the main thing to note is that putting a basket together doesn’t have to be expensive or filled with empty sugar.

Cole is loving his outdoor water tables and bath time, so I got him some foam letters and numbers to play with. I also found some fun animal water squirt toysCalifornia Baby bubble bath would make a perfect addition!

Cole is SUPER into food and eating right now, so I thought he might enjoy some new eating gear! I found these amazing silicone bibs at Nordstrom Rack (hello easy clean up!). We have a larger version of this bowl placemat, but I thought this might make eating a little easier for where he is at right now. And Cole is obsessed with Happy Baby Greek Yogis and Creamies snacks. These Munchkin snack cups would have been perfect too!


I also found this adorable Melissa and Doug geometric stacker toy. I’m trying my best to limit battery operated toys but of course they’re the most exciting. We also inherited this adorable egg toy that I knew would be perfect to give Cole on Easter! I think I’ll be checking out our local resale boutique for toy presents in the future.

I did add a few cute details to make his basket a little bit more personal: I found the bunny at Target and the carrot shaped bubbles at the Dollar Tree. I was honestly really impressed by the amount of cute things both stores had for such great prices. I even saw that my friend Bonnie spotted Crayola Bath Paints in the $1 section at her local Target!

Now I know that matching outfits make some people cringe…but semi matching just seemed too sweet to me! I found Cole’s palm tree button down shirt and relaxed khaki pants at Zara. Once again, Zara has the CUTEST clothes and is my favorite store to shop at for Cole. I found Jared’s tropical button down shirt and khaki shorts at Nordstrom Rack. I already had the perfect little white dress from Reformation.

I know that Easter is really for the kids, but J had mentioned that he was interested in trying a natural deodorant, so I got him this one along with some Reese’s pieces and Altoids (his favorite treats) as a ‘mini’ gift 🙂

What’s your favorite Easter tradition?



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